Kiemeneij's TRIbune: A New App

This year (2012), it is 20 years since I performed the first transradial coronary intervention at the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis in Amsterdam. Since then, this technique has undergone a very interesting maturation process. Now transradial intervention (TRI) is recognized as a safe alternative for transfemoral intervention (TFI), and is gaining in acceptance and popularity. Reduction of bleeding complications and all the associated advantages of TRI, such as early ambulation, patient friendliness, cost reduction and even mortality reduction, make this technique most suitable for coronary interventions.

Many groups worldwide have contributed to the development of TRI. Today, over 1,000 publications have been written on this technique. More and more training opportunities are offered for those who want to transfer from femoral to radial practice. Materials are becoming more and more refined. The number of website and blogs is still growing. News on TRI can be found on social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Since news on TRI is reaching us from all different corners, it is not easy to stay updated on a daily basis. I thought it was a good idea to create an app which offers a daily update on all TRI-related news. This "Kiemeneij's TRIbune" app is a one-stop source for news and views on transradial coronary intervention-related issues. News is aggregated from all sources world wide.

Features include:

  • The latest news on published papers, procedural techniques, products, and research activities 
  • An updated meeting calendar with links to international TRI-related events.
  • A comprehensive overview of all TRI-related websites
  • Interaction with me via social media as e-mail, Twitter and LinkedIn

My personal views and comments on TRI, including reports of my frequent TRI-related travels, give this app a personal touch. This application has primarily been designed for all healthcare professionals interested in transradial coronary interventions. It has no commercial purposes and it serves no other aim than to support the acceptance of TRI, and to create happier patients and healthcare professionals. I spend several hours per day scanning a myriad of sources to find TRI-related news and factoids. The number of downloads is still rising and I hope that more news will come directly from the users.

You can consider this app as my personal TRI's 20-year anniversary birthday gift. You can download it at no cost from the AppStore. Take good advantage of it and based on your comments and feedback, the app will be continuously improved, refreshed and updated. So far, this app is only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, not for Androids. A second version will be prepared in 2013 for Android as well.

Ferdinand Kiemeneij

App Description

Name: Kiemeneij's TRIbune

Key words: Interventional cardiology, transradial, TRI

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