October 2002

Volume 10 Issue 10

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Rebecca Kapur
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Imaging Quality & Our Purchase of ACIST Just before we considered purchasing the ACIST Contrast Management System (CMS), Pinnacle was evaluating 4F diagnostic catheters. It was suggested that we try the ACIST system for more consistent visualiza…
Our 12 staff members include: 1 administrative director, 1 clinical coordinator, RN;  3 registered cardiovascular invasive specialists (RCISs);  1 radiologic technologist;  3 registered nurses;  2 per-diem nurses;  1 office coordinator;…
Purchase & Implementation of the ACIST CMS We purchased the ACIST CMS system in a effort to conserve contrast and provide better image quality. The decision was made by an administrator as well as a cardiologist, and we did not really consider an…
Right now, Memorial Medical Center is in the process of getting a third lab. We currently have two single plane cath labs. The new addition is a dual Shimadzu Cath/Angio lab (Torrence, CA). It houses a 9 inch and a 16 inch II, both ceiling-suspended.…
Advances in laboratory construction, table design, and manifold materials have added incremental benefit over the last two decades. However, little advancement has been made in power injection systems for ventriculography and coronary arteriography.…
From the Beginning We initially purchased the ACIST Contrast Management System (CMS) as a result of physician interest, and didn™t consider any other systems. As a group, we experienced some difficulties in the beginning, which was several years ago…
What™s your experience with the ACIST CMS? I think we were among the first labs to use it. We have embraced the ACIST CMS system since the day it was invented, and use it in all of our labs exclusively. We find it speeds up the cases and makes inject…