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  • October, 2015
    Volume 23
    Issue 10

    Irfan Muhammad FCPS (Cardiology), Assistant Professor, Interventional Cardiology, Malik Faisal Iftekhar Resident (FCPS Cardiology), Department of Cardiology, PGMI LRH, Peshawar, Pakistan

    In a tortuous artery, the guide wire at times does not conform to the curves in the artery.   

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    Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October, 2015   |   3,327 reads

    Keyur Mavani, MD, Toralben Patel, MD, MPH, Stephen Voyce, MD, FACC, The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, Scranton, Pennsylvania

    This case was originally an abstract at the C3 (Complex Cardiovascular Catheter Therapeutics) 2015 conference, in Orlando, Florida. 

    More information about the conference is available at http://www.c3conference.net/.

    A coronary artery fistula is defined as a direct communication between a coronary artery and another vascular structure.   

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    Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October, 2015   |   2,747 reads

    Zaheed Tai, DO1 and Arthur Lee, MD2

    In the event of reentry failure, alternative strategies may be required to achieve procedural success. We describe an alternative strategy to achieve success with the use of Outback and Pioneer reentry catheters when initial reentry fails. 

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    Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October, 2015   |   3,958 reads

    Robby Wu, DO1, Sunny Jhamnani, MD2, William Bennett, MD, PhD2, Robert R. Attaran, MD2

    We report a case of a ruptured angioplasty balloon that was entrapped in the posterior descending artery of the right coronary artery and retained in situ after multiple failed attempts at percutaneous retrieval.   

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    Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October, 2015   |   5,685 reads

    Cath Lab Digest talks with interventional cardiologist Robert F. Merritt, MD, Springfield, Missouri (with contributions from Jonathan Hart, Senior Vice President, Jonathan Lindsey & Associates Inc., Austin, Texas), and cardiothoracic surgeon Sirish Parvathaneni, MD, Springfield, Missouri.

    We switched fairly abruptly over to performing TAVR in the cath lab and haven’t excluded anybody from the cath lab unless they required surgical access. Out of the last 35 TAVR patients, 31 have been done in the cath lab and just 4 in the hybrid OR rooms.   

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    Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October, 2015   |   4,390 reads

    Kristin Truesdell, Decision Support Manager, Corazon, Inc. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    We provide a high-level look at the upcoming fiscal year (FY) 2016 changes in terms of financial and quality standards. Understanding these updates can help hospital and program leaders, along with the cath lab staff, to be aware of new criteria and how the changes, either major or minor, impact the hospital’s bottom line.

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    Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October, 2015   |   3,111 reads

    Cindy L. Grines, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Vice President Academic and Clinical Affairs, Detroit Medical Center Cardiovascular Institute, Detroit, Michigan

    It seems anomalous that interventional cardiology remains such a male-dominated profession in light of the advancements that women have made within the medical field. Women now make up more than 50% of medical students and nearly 33 percent of the nation’s practicing physicians, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.   

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    Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October, 2015   |   10,654 reads

    CLI Perspectives is headed by section editor J.A. Mustapha, MD, Metro Health Hospital, Wyoming, Michigan. This month, Dr. Mustapha interviews D. Chris Metzger, MD, FACC, Co-Medical Director, Wellmont CVA Heart Institute, Kingsport, Tennessee.

     I first learned about CLI and its implications at VIVA years ago and have watched the evolving education pertaining to CLI growing.  

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    Volume 23 - Issue 10 - October, 2015   |   2,145 reads