September 2019

Volume 27 Issue 9

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We should be aware of the Big 5 complications of TAVR and do everything possible to avoid these feared events.
Balloon aortic valvuloplasty (BAV) is a percutaneous procedure that introduces micro-fractures to disintegrate calcified aortic valve deposits via balloon inflation. In so doing, enhanced leaflet compliance leads to a rise in ejection fraction and im…
In this report, we present the case of an African-American hemodialysis patient with CHI due to a calcified radial artery who was treated with orbital atherectomy and balloon angioplasty, and underwent follow-up at six weeks post procedure.
As part of the Indigo Aspiration System, the Indigo CAT RX Aspiration Catheters and Indigo Separator™ 4 are indicated for the removal of fresh, soft emboli and thrombi from vessels in the coronary and peripheral vasculature.
This case of left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) demonstrates the advantages of 3D transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) over 2D imaging.
We compared patients with coronary artery disease who underwent PCI having received either scheduled, planned tirofiban with short-term infusion or planned bivalirudin, which most of the time was without any use of a GP IIb/IIIa receptor antagonist.
I probably have 10-12 tibial cases under my belt. According to Corindus, in November 2018, we did the first tibial chronic total occlusion (CTO) with the system.
We perform the majority of our structural procedures in our new state-of-the-art hybrid OR suite, but we are also able to utilize our cardiac cath labs for structural procedures, including TAVR when necessary.
Now with the wide availability of both hyperemic (FFR) and non-hyperemic translesional pressure ratios (NHPRs), the question becomes, how to select which ratio to use and when to use it? In addition, what does the lab do when it does not have one of…
It is estimated that 65% of extra-small vessels are located in critical locations of the heart.8