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September 2019

Volume 27 Issue 9
At North Mississippi Medical Center, we use 1.5x GFR to determine the maximum contrast threshold.
I invited and had participation from all cardiologists in designing the same-day discharge process. This allowed us to grow a same-day discharge pathway for PCI and devices. The Heart Team Mexico used the SCAI guidelines to create and support clinica…
The fusion overlay is done in real time. It does facilitate a certain degree of comfort for the interventionalist to be able to see what is going on not only on fluoroscopy, but on echo.
I hesitate to stent in the P2 and P3 segments of the popliteal, but the LifeStent Vascular Stent System (BD) is a nice option in those places, based off the level 1, rigorous ETAP trial data(1) (Endovascular Treatment of Atherosclerotic Popliteal Art…
Moving forward, all ECMO cases, no matter what type or where cannulation occurs, will result in the assignment of DRG 003.
CMS has proposed adding 6 cardiac interventional procedures to the approved list for 2020.
Single instance of vaping by non-smokers immediately leads to reduced vascular function.
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