October 2020

Volume 28 Issue 10

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Cath lab math has always been a struggle for most of us, but with some patience and applied diligence, we can overcome this barrier. With this in mind, I thought I’d talk about how one of the most common and most important hemodynamic formulas, the G…
Jeffrey R. Cook, MD, FACC, FSCAI; Reginald Suhling, BA-HCM, RT(R)(CI), RCIS, AACC; Debbie Heinecke, RN, MSN, NE-BC; Nicole Stanford, RT(R)(MR), RCIS, Quincy, Illinois
The following case represents an example of how a universal transradial guide catheter strategy can provide significant benefits and efficiencies for the patient, operator, and hospital.
The checklist was initially used on pacemaker and defibrillator insertions, with the intention of slowly expanding it to other procedures over time. The quality improvement project was scheduled to run over an 8-week period in 2020, which ended up be…
The catheter extension devices (GuideLiner [Teleflex], Guidezilla [Boston Scientific], and Telescope [Medtronic]) have significantly added to the armamentarium of complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Before these devices became available…
Read the introduction to this case series – Telescopic Guide Catheter Support:
Read the introduction to this case series – Telescopic Guide Catheter Support: A Silent Revolution   Read Case #1: A Deep Dive With a Guide Catheter Extension in a Severely Calcified Tortuous Right Coronary Artery in Non-STEMI   Case Report
The excellent case reports in this issue of CLD demonstrate the use of deep intubation using the GuideLiner guide extension system (Teleflex) to facilitate complex coronary intervention in the mid and distal right coronary artery (RCA). Indeed, most…
Radial access has an important role that is multifaceted. First, its safety profile is well documented. Second, there is a significant cost reduction that is associated with the use of radial access. Finally, it has a profound effect on patient satis…
We report the case of a massive round right atrial myxoma removed in a young male presenting with acute heart failure and embolism to the pulmonary vasculature.