December 2020

Volume 28 Issue 12

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Can you give us an overview of the structural heart program at your hospital? El Camino Health is proud to offer one of the top structural heart programs in the country, one of many specialized offerings within our Norma Melchor Heart and Vascular I…
Robotic intervention fits into our program very nicely, because some of the features help us not only with our radiation exposure and operative fatigue, but offer greater precision of intervention.
The Auryon laser7,8 has a 355 nm wavelength with shorter pulse width (10-25 ns), which means a high laser power that is effective in ablating severe calcium. The longer wavelength allows for a higher absorption of the laser photons by the lesion and…
Same-day discharge (SDD) after elective percutaneous coronary intervention has been shown to be a safe option in large population-based cohort studies.1 Though more widely adopted in Europe and Canada, SDD is an evolving practice in the United States…
Dr. Madder, tell us about your current role. I am the Section Chief of Interventional Cardiology and the Director of the Cath Lab at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to my clinical role as an interventionalist, I spend consider…
I am a radiologic technologist/scrub tech who works in the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Enloe Medical Center in Chico, California, and I also just happened to turn 48 years old. One morning, a few weeks ago, I went into work like any normal…
Abstract Factors related to the Covid-19 pandemic may have led to delayed treatment of ST-elevation myocardial infarction for many patients. We present a series of 3 cases of late ST-elevation myocardial infarction in Covid-19 negative patients arri…
The selection of a career pathway in interventional cardiology after fellowship is quite challenging. Both academic and private practice have their own pros and cons. A paucity of academic positions, shortage of research funds, lack of mentorship, an…
The posterior descending artery (PDA) arising from the left anterior descending artery (LAD) is an extremely rare coronary anomaly and is referred as “hyper-dominant” or “superdominant”. In such cases, the LAD takes on greater anatomical and function…
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