September 24, 2020
Powerfully simple thrombectomy solution provides physicians with an all-in-one, single-use aspiration catheter and pump system 
September 23, 2020
Sophia Antipolis, 23 September 2020:
September 22, 2020
First patient recruited into a trial of the BeGraft Plus as a bridging stent in BEVAR (branched endovascular aortic repair) for complex aortic aneurysms.
September 21, 2020
Women, minorities, people in lower-income ZIP codes underwent more testing
September 17, 2020
BIO4AMB Trial Results Demonstrate BIOTRONIK’s 4 French Portfolio to Be as Safe and Effective as 6-French Devices While Avoiding Additional Need of a Vascular Closure Device  
September 15, 2020
Primary endpoint of slowed coronary plaque progression reported to have been met with VASCEPA Significant coronary plaque regression of low attenuation plaque (LAP) reported with VASCEPA provides further insight to potential mechanisms of action