May 2002

Volume 10 Issue 5

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Why did you choose to work in the invasive cardiology field? I started working in the Cardiac Cath Lab after working in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit. While working in CCU, part of my responsibilities was to follow my patient to the cath lab to as…
At Sentara Southside Hospital, we gave our techs a T-shirt for national CVT week. We all wore our shirts on Valentine’s Day. The shirts were from the Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals (SICP). We squeezed into manager Chris Nelson’s off…
Beta-Cath System With 60-mm Radiation Source Receives FDA Clearance Novoste Corp. has received FDA clearance to market its Beta-Cath System with a longer 60-mm radiation source. The 60-mm device is ideally suited to treat long, diffuse in-stent rest…
(Thank you to Bob Cole, St. Edward Mercy Medical Center, Fort Smith, Arkansas, for last month’s discussion group question, above). 10 cath labs responded to the question above, and emails are included for any questions readers may have regarding a pa…
This day-long seminar is geared towards those professionals who are new to the cath lab or those looking for a basic refresher course. I was impressed by the attendees’ great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. One professional remarked on his experie…
Fortune magazine’s Best Dear Editor, I am sure you take great pride in reporting all the facts in your spotlights and stories. I would like to point out what I am sure was an inadvertent, yet grave omission in your article, Employed by one of the 10…
Response to questions from the February 2002 issue: JCAHO Inspection I am the director of a low-risk diagnostic lab in northern Kentucky. We are preparing for our first JCAHO inspection, and would certainly appreciate any ideas on what to expect (ho…
In the following interview, Cath Lab Digest talks with Amy Edmondson, PhD, about the results of a study by Harvard Business School researchers. The study found that medical teams who embrace the more complex, active meaning of team have a learning ad…