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June 2002

Volume 10 Issue 6
Anti-clot Drug Powerless During Some Heart Attacks The drug t-PA proved ineffective when given during cardiac arrests in which patients had no pulse, according to a study. We found no evidence that the administration of t-PA during CPR improved the l…
June 13-14, 2002 A Live Symposium of Complex Coronary & Vascular Cases Location: New York, New York Course Director: S. Sharma Co-Directors: Mark Reisman and Michael Marin Sponsor: The Page and William Black Post-Graduate School of Mount Sinai S…
Clear Heart, Clear Mind Another risk factor for age-related dementia may have been uncovered. New research reveals that people with cardiovascular disease have an increased risk of developing dementia. It’s exciting to me because I’ve been saying th…
(Thank you to Defib Baptist Health, for last month’s discussion group question, below). Is your lab FULLY cross-trained, so everyone does every role, including giving meds? Which state do you live in? We all do some things. The meds are for RNs only…
Waiting Best Strategy for Some Aneurysms Two new studies conclude stomach aneurysms do not require risky surgery right away, unless they have grown too big or are growing too rapidly. The findings confirm the conventional wisdom that surgery can be s…
Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a Harvard University-affiliated teaching hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1980 as a merger of three Harvard hospitals: Boston Lying In, Peter Bent Brigham and Robert Breck Brigham. It is a f…
NOTE: To view an image in a larger size, please click on the image. What is Ad5FGF-4 and how does it aid in the treatment of cardiovascular disease? Ad5FGF-4 is a human recombinant adenoviral vector, which encodes an FGF-4 transgene, one of the membe…