January 2002

Volume 10 Issue 1

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Terumo Announces the Release of its Pinnacle R/O II Introducer Sheath with Radiopaque Marker Terumo Medical Corporation has just released its newest vascular access product: the Pinnacle R/O II Introducer Sheath with Radiopaque Marker. The new R/O I…
A sampling of recent conclusions from researchers around the world. Chondroitin sulfate and gelatin (CSG) coating appears to be a promising medium for localized drug delivery. Paclitaxel polymer-coated stents reduce neointima formation but are asso…
The buzz in the trenches is coated stents, no doubt. This month, we offer a quick summary, and list conclusions from some of the published research over the past few months. The more immediate future, however, holds another question: is having bra…
What is the size of your cath lab facility and number of staff members? Munson Medical Center is located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. The cardiac cath lab consists of two cardiac cath labs, one mobile cath lab and one dedi…
How are the cath labs at Brigham and Women™s Hospital structured? Within our Cardiovascular Interventional and Diagnostic Center (CDIC), we have 5 cath labs, performing 2000 interventional procedures and about 6500 total procedures per year. We also…
Many challenges exist in the provision of specialty healthcare today. Recruiting and retaining highly experienced cardiovascular and specialty healthcare professionals (primarily RNs and cardiovascular technologists) has become a high priority during…
Jeff Davis is the program coordinator for the Invasive Cardiovascular Technology program at Edison Community College in Fort Myers, Florida. He is also the SICP representative to the Joint Review Committee on Education in Cardiovascular Technology (J…
The Process of Developing Competencies for Cath Lab Skills is highly relevant from the notion of a need for practice standards, staff training and staff certification. However, though it is intriguing to think of a workplace where the docs are so bus…