November 2004

Volume 12 Issue 11

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Why did you choose to work in the invasive cardiology field? I guess I would have to say the profession chose me, or another way to say it might be that I was "raised by wolves.” I grew up in the cath lab, and have gone from transporting patients at…
With this large body of scientific literature, it is no surprise that the leading interventional cardiology professional organizations have endorsed this method as a standard of care: ACC/AHA guidelines recognize the usefulness of fractional flow…
There is a question that is hard to leave behind in this month’s CLD interview with TENACITY trial PI Dr. David Moliterno: How much complexity do you realistically think the ACS-primary PCI process can stand? The question (courtesy of CLD board membe…
This article prompted the cardiac catheterization lab staff to review and evaluate practices and outcomes at Robinson Memorial Hospital (RMH). Robinson Memorial Hospital is a 250-bed, community hospital in Ravenna, Ohio. The diagnostic cardiac cat…
About TENACITY TENACITY (Tirofiban Novel Dosing vs. Abciximab with Evaluation of Clopidogrel and Inhibition of Thrombin Study) is a multi-center, double-blind, randomized comparison of tirofiban (Aggrastat®, Guilford Pharmaceuticals) and abciximab (…
The workforce shortage in healthcare, and specifically, hospitals today, is a burning issue on the minds of many healthcare leaders. Currently, many people are not entering into a career in healthcare or are leaving the healthcare industry. The most…