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May 2007

Volume 15 Issue 5
The board of directors of the NSRPA, planning committee and members of the society express sincere gratitude to our corporate sponsors: AngioDynamics Inc., B|Braun, Burlington Medical Supplies, Inc., Cardinal Health, Cook Inc, Elsevier and Kyphon.…
New Questions Entering Meds We were wondering about the practice of entering medications during procedures. Previously the monitor person used to enter all meds, and they were verbalized out loud to the whole team. But the circulating RNs felt that…
Why did you choose to work in the invasive cardiology field? I had previously worked in respiratory therapy and this stimulated my interest. Can you describe your role in the CV lab? I do not presently work in the cath lab, but I am the Progr…
What are some of the most frequent criticisms about COURAGE that you've had to address? It does seem that the controversy surrounding this trial has died down. It's fair to say that there was perhaps an initial overreaction when the study first ca…
Our prep/recovery area staffs four full-time registered nurses, three full-time patient care techs, three part-time registered nurses and one part-time patient care tech. Residences of all our staff members in the cath lab and prep/recovery area rang…
This outcome should have been no surprise. The only surprise is that many in the medical and lay public were surprised to learn that the life-saving benefits of PCI for acute coronary syndromes did not transfer to the stable angina patient. An errone…
Part I (March 2007) discussed the need for cath lab staff to have an understanding of hemodynamics. We reviewed the importance of building a foundation of knowledge, starting with a basic understanding of how blood flows through the heart, and what t…