July 2007

Volume 15 Issue 7

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The setting for this year was that beautiful city of Barcelona, in Spain. It is a city on the beautiful eastern coast of Spain, right on the Mediterranean sea, complete with crystal-clear turquoise waters, clean sandy beaches, warm breezy days, cool…
New Questions For Radiographers I am an Australian cath lab radiographer and was wondering how other radiographers feel about being part of the general rotation in the lab? What sort of extra education do we need? Also do you see this as a speci…
I am continually searching for challenges and change, and am in the perfect place to fulfill both of these desires. The field of interventional cardiology became my career shortly after I graduated in 1978 from the radiologic technology program at St…
I am now preparing to hand over the presidency to our President-Elect, Todd Chitwood, RCIS, FSICP. Todd has worked tirelessly for the last two years, focusing on legislative issues. He has represented the SICP at the CARE Bill Alliance meetings and h…
Peripheral angiography can have a bleak reputation. There are people, myself included, who trudge towards the peripheral rooms with leaden steps. I step into these rooms with determination, doggedness and duty, but anticipation? Rarely. Cheerfulness?…
As NCVH enters its 8th year, what do those health care and cath lab professionals who have never attended the conference need to know? And why should they attend in 2007? As you noted, this year will mark the 8th annual New Cardiovascular Horizons (…
The purpose of the Xience V stent was to try and put together a best-in-class drug, enhanced durable polymer and optimized metallic stent backbone. The drug that was used was everolimus, very similar to sirolimus, which is known to have very good pro…
Certainly with the continued improvements in ultrasound technology, we often know prior to cardiac catheterization if a patient has valvular dysfunction. We often know the degree of severity as well, since ultrasound can measure velocities, areas and…