Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)


I truly believe in the value of prepping the vessel with directional atherectomy. I have seen better clinical outcomes since I began using directional atherectomy followed by drug-coated balloon angioplasty.
We present a case of ostial superficial femoral artery CTO in a patient with CLI who underwent successful revascularization via TCIA strategy with a successful outcome. 
This activity from the North American Center for Continuing Medical Education (NACCME) is designed for interventional cardiologists, vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, nurses, PAs, and vascular and interventional techs. 
Fadi Saab, MD, presents at AMP 2020. Watch/listen to this 9-minute presentation.
We present 5 elderly patients with varying severity of acute respiratory distress syndrome due to SARS-CoV-2. During hospitalization, each patient experienced acute arterial ischemia of the lower extremity despite anticoagulation therapy, requiring
John A. Phillips, MD; Eric C. Scott, MD; Paul Michael, MD, FSCAI; Mahmood Razavi, MD Presented at AMP 2020.
The treatment of chronic total occlusions (CTOs) poses a technical challenge for endovascular revascularization in both the coronary and peripheral arteries. Yet there has been significant progress made in the collective technical understanding of
Ravish Sachar, MD, FACC, UNC-REX Healthcare, Raleigh, North Carolina, discusses the REALITY trial in this 3-minute video.